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Mei & Kerstin have been roaming the world together since 2002.




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Born and raised in Luxembourg, Mei is the youngest of a huge family of Boat people, who had to flee Vietnam in the late 1970s. Traveling to faraway places is therefore in Meiā€™s DNA! She started at age 4 with a road trip with her family through the USA and Canada, experienced a cultural shock in Hong Kong and Vietnam before she turned 10, and wandered through numerous European countriesĀ as a teenager.


Besides traveling, Mei loves everything related to ancient art and history, which was why she became an Archaeologist. When she’s not exploring the ancient – or contemporary – world, then you can find her eating sushi or stinky cheese. One more thing you need to know about her: she’s afraid of heights, but adores panoramic views!




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Kerstin is a “real” Luxembourger, which means that her family is originally from Belgium and Germany! Raised in a small village, she was a wild outdoor kid. If she was not playing Indiana Jones in the deep forests, then she was probably cruising the Benelux on board ofĀ her godmother’s camper van. At age 16, Kerstin got bitten by the travel bug during her 6-week study tour with the Ruta Quetzal in LatinĀ America and Spain.


Fluent in five languages, she’s above all a huge book enthusiast, a fervent writer and storyteller. After working as a Publisher, Copyright specialist and then Communication Manager, Kerstin is now a proud teacher in French language and literature. Oh, and she also loves coffee and chocolate (not sure in which order though).


Together, we left our birthplace Luxembourg as soon as we graduated from high school. After studying two years in Bordeaux, we moved to Paris where we lived for a decade.


Thanks to our studies and jobs abroad, we traveled extensively and spent half a year in GreeceĀ and another couple of months in San Francisco.Ā Therefore, Paris, Greece and San Francisco hold a special place in our heart! But in 2013, weĀ decided to return to ourĀ birthplace: Luxembourg, that tiny country squeezed in between France, Germany and Belgium.


WeĀ both have a full-time job. But when wanderlust calls, we quickly pack our luggage and off we go to explore the globe.


Like many travelers, we do have a bucket list and love to discover new destinations. But we are not into countries-counting nor passport-stamps-gathering. We prefer to slow down our pace when traveling, explore small towns in depth, sometimes leave out major landmarks, and occasionally return to the same destination twice to immerse ourselves into local life.

Making unforgettable memories is why we travel.

And in sharing our travel stories with you, we hope to make you leave your couch, and go discover the world on your own…
to make YOUR own unforgettable memories.



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