Lesbian Travelers: Estelle and Jenny from Two Nomad Girls

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Estelle and Jenny are a lesbian couple based in Paris, who’s been feeding our wanderlust with their travel photos on Instagram for some time now.

Today, we’re honored to share the story of these “Two Nomad Girls” with you!


Hi guys! We are Estelle and Jenny, from “Two Nomad Girls”, a French couple living in Paris that loves to wander. Our story started at “le Rosa Bonheur”, a gay-friendly bar in Paris, where we met in 2016. Since then, we’ve been travelling together !


Our first trip was to Dublin, which was quite important to us because the first time you travel with someone you can see if you get along really great or not, and if you have the same expectations and desires. I do think that it went pretty well, since that trip was the first of a long series…




Travelling together now just seems so perfect! And we travel to discover places, food, people, but also to open up and to know ourselves, and of course, to revitalize and have fun!


We mostly travel through Europe (London, Stockholm, Venice, Vienna…), and love to visit cities, monuments and museums. But we also like to take time to have a great brunch together in the morning, before exploring. In fact, as food lovers we always try to give some tips and advices about bars or restaurants in every city we have been to. Even in our hometown in Paris !


Actually, in Paris there are some great pubs and night clubs for gay people, like the bar “So what” in the gay area of Paris, called “Le Marais”. And there are also lesbian parties, like the “Wet for me” night at the “Machine of the Moulin Rouge”. But if you just want to chill in a funny and gay-friendly bar, you should definitely go to “le Rosa Bonheur”. It looks like a tavern in the South of France, where you can just have a drink with some friends, or heat up at the dance floor if you’re up for it!



In Paris, we have a lot of favorite restaurants as well. Most of them are located in one of our favorite areas in “Montmartre”. The 18th borough of Paris is actually so lovely, and you can find a lot of romantic and beautiful spots. You can follow us on Instagram to discover more places if you want to!


One of the most wonderful travel experiences we’ve had was in Japan, where we went to in summer 2017. Japan is really a huge mix of tradition and modernity. And we had a lot of fun travelling through the whole country with the famous Shinkansen train.


Of course, we went to Tokyo, Kyoto, the sacred Island of Miyajima, and the emblematic Fushimi Inari Shrine. But one of our best memories in Japan was in Mount Fuji. Mount Fuji was hiding behind clouds when we arrived. We had to wait 15 minutes to see it… But we didn’t expect it to be so huge when it finally appeared! Plus, this view from the Fujiyoshida Chureito Pagoda was mind blowing… Another magical memory for me is when we were alone in a small temple in the mountains near Kyoto.



When traveling, most of the time we try to go to the gay area of the city we visit, and not just to the touristic places. Because I think that exploring the gay area of a city is pretty revealing of the mindset of a city. Even if being gay is well accepted in most European countries, sometimes people stare at us badly or look at us as if we were weirdos. Well actually, sometimes we’re a bit crazy, but in a good way and not because we are gay though ! haha ! But there’s no way we would let go each other’s hand and act straight to please them.


I think it’s necessary to “educate” people who are not used to see lesbian couples. To show them that being gay is just normal after all. Even in some small villages of Japan, where it could be more unusual or surprising for people to meet a lesbian couple, we kept holding hands. Luckily, most of the time people are just glad to see a couple in love!


Our Instagram account (TwoNomadGirls) is rather new, but we have a lot of kind messages or comments. People, straight or LGBTQ, are mostly happy to see gay couples proud and happy together. We also had discussions with people who are not out of the closet yet. And they told us that they feel good seeing this kind of profile, trying to prove that it is OK to fully be who you are. We are very glad that sharing experiences like that could somehow help LGBTQ people, but also educate non-LGBTQ people. Maybe the world just need more queer representations and more proud couples to realize that it’s not a problem in any way! Love is love, you guys!



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Travelers at heart, Mei and Kerstin have been roaming the world together since 2002. Expats for over a decade, they used to live in Bordeaux, Paris, Athens, and San Francisco. Now back in their country Luxembourg, they continue to travel whenever they can, despite their full-time job. Their travel stories are meant to make you leave your couch and explore the globe.

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  1. Lara Dunning
    | Reply

    Japan is high on my list. We have an all Japanese channel that the hubs and I are addicted too. I’ve learned so much about Japan from watching its shows and have developed a serious love for Sumo. 🙂

  2. pinkcaddytraveloguegmailcom
    | Reply

    Thanks for sharing your travels!

  3. Martina
    | Reply

    Girls! Love your pics – sounds like you had an amazing time!

  4. accordingtocally
    | Reply

    What a great story about travels around Europe and Asia! How wonderful to have someone you love to travel with!

  5. Chris Behrsin
    | Reply

    Really glad to hear it’s working out for you two. Good point about educating people as we travel on how diverse the world is, something I wholeheartedly believe in myself. Thanks for sharing, an inspiring read.

  6. Natalie Allen
    | Reply

    I love that you check out the gay areas, I think that must be a great place to get a feeling for how open and welcoming that society must be. One of my favorite cities is Paris!! Have you guys been to New York City?

  7. shannongould
    | Reply

    Gorgeous photos! It’s amazing to have someone to share the experience of travelling the world with 🙂

  8. Eva vonP
    | Reply

    Thank you for sharing. Enjoy and safe travels.

  9. Jennifer
    | Reply

    I love seeing lesbian travellers posting photos of themselves. My wife and I are quite timid when it comes to being out while we are travelling, and I gain a lot of courage from others. Great tips about gay friendly places in France.

  10. PonytailPretty
    | Reply

    Looks like you’re having loads of fun! No matter who you are, who you’re with or where you are, its really cool to be able to share experiences and see this beautiful world!

  11. Sophestry
    | Reply

    #relationshipgoals. You guys are beautiful and it sounds like you’ve had some amazing adventures 🙂

  12. Ryan Biddulph
    | Reply

    Super Japan shot! Looks like you guys are having fun circling the globe. Love it. Good to see you’ve spent some serious time in Europe. Other than Cyprus I’ve not been to this wonderful region of the earth. Thanks for the inspired share.


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