Lesbian Travelers: Steph & Kaitlin from Lez See the World

Lesbian Travelers: Steph & Kaitlin from Lez See the World

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Canada is one of the gay-friendliest country in the world. So when we connected with Steph and Kaitlin, a married lesbian couple of travelers from Canada, we decided to interview them. Being full time travelers since 2016, here are their recommendations for other lesbian travelers.

Meet the ladies behind Lez See The World!

Hi! We are Steph & Kaitlin, a lesbian travel couple from Canada. We are both from Vancouver, BC but we currently travel together full time. We own a house in Niagara Falls, Ontario that we rent out, and Steph manages all of the rentals. Along with that, she does a lot of remote work including video editing and website design. Kaitlin is a freelance model and performer, and works with photographers and brands all over the world.

How did you meet?

We met in Vancouver at the end of 2010 at a dance studio. Steph was taking classes and Kaitlin was teaching! Here’s the full story of how we met.

How was it when you started to travel together as a couple?

We started taking small trips together as soon as we started dating in 2011. We have both always loved to travel, and we did it as much as we could, hoping that one day we could travel together full time.

After our wedding at the end of 2015, we really didn’t want to get stuck settling down into married life, because we knew it wasn’t for us. At the time we were living in our house in Niagara, and had both been working the same contracts for about a year. We decided it was the perfect time to take our life on the road and start travelling full time, and we haven’t looked back!

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Have you ever found it challenging to travel as a lesbian couple ?

There are definitely places that we wouldn’t feel comfortable travelling together as a lesbian couple, and those places aren’t on our destination list. We mainly choose to travel to countries where we will feel comfortable being ourselves, and as often as possible, places where we have some protection by law.

What was the funniest and most stereotypical thing about lesbians that you’ve ever heard of?

There are so many… but probably the most stereotypical preconception about lesbian relationships, is who is “the guy”. We certainly don’t believe in traditional gender roles, and neither of us take on a male role in our relationship. Our marriage is a true and equal partnership!

What is your favorite destination so far and why ?

It’s so hard to choose! But our current fave is probably Edinburgh, Scotland. We were there a couple months ago and absolutely fell in love with it. It probably helped that we had amazing warm, sunny weather, which is not typical for Scotland! It’s such a beautiful city with so much history, and gorgeous architecture. Edinburgh castle is a particularly beautiful focal point, as it sits on a hill in the centre of town. There is plenty of green space with beautiful city parks, as well as an amazing hike up to Arthur’s Seat right in the city.

We also really loved how friendly and kind the locals were, how gay friendly the city was, and what a vibrant arts scene they have. The city hosts the Edinburgh Fringe Festival every year during the month of August, and it’s the biggest arts festival in the world! We’re hoping to return one year during the festival.

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Which other destinations would you recommend to other lesbian travelers ?

We find the UK to be very lesbian friendly, along with Western Europe! Canada of course, Australia, and parts of Central America. Stay tuned as we’re starting a series called ‘How Lesbian Friendly Is…” on our blog.

What is your opinion about pride parades and have you ever marched at one ?

We haven’t marched in a Pride Parade, but we attend them every year and they are an important part of our personal Pride celebrations! We think it’s amazing how Pride parades have grown all over the world to include more members of the community as well as allies to our community. We see them as being equal parts celebration and protest. We still have a long way to go for LGBTQ+ rights, and these parades are an important part of the fight.

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When traveling, do you find it easy to make friends with other LGBTQ people ?

In the past, we’ve never really made friends with other LGBTQ+ people while travelling, but recently we’ve been connecting with a lot of people through Instagram and have met up with some of these new friends in person on recent trips!

What is your advice for a lesbian who embarks on her first trip ? 

We would say to do your research! Read about where you’re going to educate yourself about the country’s LGBTQ+ laws. Read about the social climate and find out what life is like in that country for LGBTQ+ people. Finally, read some blogs and travel stories from other lesbian travellers and find out the experiences they had while travelling there. Be prepared, be smart, and be safe, but of course have fun and enjoy travelling!

What are the places in Vancouver you would recommend to a lesbian (or a lesbian couple) who travels to your city for the first time?

Vancouver is a an amazing city! There is plenty of gay culture and it’s very friendly to lesbians. The city has two main gaybourhoods that we would recommend, but really a lesbian traveller or lesbian couple would likely feel comfortable anywhere in Vancouver. The West End’s Davie Village is the main gay area, and although it’s male dominated, it’s still a great area for lesbians to check out. With rainbow crosswalks, and Pride flags in every window, it’s an amazing neighbourhood, and also the best spot for gay nightlife.

The other area is Commercial Drive or “The Drive”, which is the unofficial lesbian area of the city. It’s full of great restaurants, cafes, and independent businesses, and is the perfect place to hang out during the daytime.

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