Lesbian Travelers: Ali & Jenni

Lesbian Travelers: Ali & Jenni

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Ali and Jenni are a lesbian couple who met and fell in love in Boston. A city we’ve wanted to visit for quite some time now, but still haven’t made it to New England. Today, we’d like to share not only Ali and Jenni’s story, but also their travel tips for Massachussets’ capital.


We’re Ali & Jenni, a preschool teacher and an actress/photographer from the US. We’ve spent most of our lives 3000+ miles apart. I (Jenni) grew up just south of San Francisco, and Ali grew up outside of Boston and then moved to Philadelphia in high school. She returned to Boston to study child development at Tufts University, and I traveled all the way across the country to study musical theatre at Emerson College.


We both fully came out mid-college, and we met in Boston three short months before I graduated and moved back to California. We had very limited time to pack in as many adventures as possible before we began doing long distance! Thankfully, we’re done with all that and have since moved in together in the San Francisco Bay Area.



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Boston is one of the most liberal cities in America – it consistently ranks in the top 10 when compared to other cities in the US. With so many colleges and universities in and around the city, it is certainly a college town, so despite all its historical charm (see: Plymouth Rock), it always feels fresh and alive.


However, it is definitely worth mentioning that Boston is also considered one of the most racially segregated cities in the country as well as being segregated along class lines, with more and more communities being gentrified all the time. Every rose has its thorn, and this is an incredibly important one to take note of, especially these days. Finally, as in any city, there will always be one or two catcallers – especially at night – so we tone down the PDA accordingly if we ever feel unsafe, even if it’s just because we’re two women out at night.


Jenni’s alma mater, Emerson College, is located right on the Boston Common in the heart of the city, and it’s an incredibly diverse and accepting school when it comes to gender expression and sexuality. If you’re out holding hands or sneaking a kiss, you’ll never get a second look from the people around Emerson. In that same area, there are several incredible theaters (home to many gays!) and plenty of bars and restaurants that are more than welcoming. I personally love Rock Bottom, a bustling restaurant and brewery where my friends and I would have drinks and appetizers after seeing a show around the corner at the Cutler Majestic Theater.



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Ali’s undergrad school, Tufts University, straddles the Medford/Somerville line about a twenty-minute train ride from downtown Boston. If you’re looking for great food, you can head to Sound Bites in Ball Square (a cozy diner with excellent brunch). Martsa on Elm in Davis Square (a hidden gem in Ali’s opinion, full of delicious Tibetan food). Or The Friendly Toast in Kendall Square (a colorful, eclectic brunch place that is always on point – and always packed)!


For some great outings, stop by The Garment District for some seriously good deals on resale clothes (dad sweaters galore). Spend an afternoon at the Museum of Science. Or have a night out at Machine, a popular gay club for the younger crowds that is always lively and features lots of local drag performers.


Together, we spent a lot of time in the Boston Common petting dogs, taking pictures, and people watching. We always felt safe wandering around during our days there together. Beacon Street, just north of the Common, is a great place to shop and eat. We spent an evening with chocolate desserts and two “hug mugs” full of hot chocolate at Max Brenner.



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Fall in New England is world-renowned; put on your favorite flannels and take your lady apple picking while admiring the leaves! We also adore the New England Aquarium. We could seriously spend hours watching the penguins play, seeing the giant sea turtles, and petting stingrays.


That aside, we absolutely loved our time in Boston. It’s where our love story started! We will always cherish our memories there. And who knows? Ali is going to grad school in a couple of years… you may just find us back there before long!


As our journey continues, we aim to use our social media to spread love and kindness. As well as to create the representation we never had. Mostly, we’re two goofy girls who love bad gay jokes, baking shows, and each other. We just want to share our happiness with others!

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  1. tayaramuse
    | Reply

    Will be visiting Boston this week and super glad I stumbled upon your post! Thanks for the story and great tips.

  2. TheGreatAmbini
    | Reply

    This is such a cute story – it almost made me well up! I love the way this has been written to include things to do in Boston too. Great post and I love the cute couples pictures!

  3. travelfuelslife
    | Reply

    Boston is an amazing town, my favorite on the East Coast. Funny that San Francisco is my favorite on the West Coast, so you guys have seen the best of it from the start. I actually stay up near Tufts University when I stay there, at a Bed & Breakfast called Morrison House. It’s an easy on and off the Red Line which connects to everything. I’ve even walked from there down past Harvard and MIT. I never really feel nervous walking around the city. Glad you had such a great experience there.

  4. Wendy
    | Reply

    Great story about how you guys met and about Boston, I live in the south and have not got the chance to visit Boston yet. Great post..

  5. carolcolborn
    | Reply

    Great love story. You guys have so much love I have no doubt you can share it with the world. Boston is a great destination but so is San Francisco where you guys now are!

  6. kavitafavelle
    | Reply

    I love reading love stories, when people connect and find their life partner, it’s a wonderful thing. And Boston is one of my favourite cities in the US, it’s the perfect blend of historical architecture, and modern living! Great to read about the Tibetan place.

  7. nitnatshredder
    | Reply

    It is always great to hear a love story! And your goal of spreading love and kindness throughout the world is a worthy one. The world can always use more! Thanks also for the insight into living in Boston. Would love to go there one day.

  8. Cynthia Cynthia
    | Reply

    It’s been years since I visited Boston, but I loved it when I did. I enjoyed all the history there and a Red Sox game at Fenway Park! The Tibetan restaurant sounds really interesting! As does apple picking in the fall.

  9. danahfreeman
    | Reply

    Great love story! And I love Boston. You have some good tips about what to do there.

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