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It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold:
when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.

– Charles Dickens

In Europe, when March knocks on the door, flowers start to bloom and snow begins to melt. As the days turn longer and the weather warmer, enthusiasm takes over. When March finally rings at the door, we leave our winter garments at home, and off we go to discover the world.


If you plan to visit Europe in March, here are 24 destinations for you to explore, recommended by us, and our fellow travel bloggers.



By Mei and Kerstin from Travel with Mei and Kerstin



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About 70 km south of Madrid lies a medieval town perched on a hill above the plains of the Castilla La Mancha and surrounded on three sides by the Tago River: Toledo, the « City of Three Religions » conquered our heart the moment we stepped out of the train.


It started with the marvelous Neo-Mudejar train station building. Then the Alcántara bridge and the San Martin bridge… And on the other side, the Castillo de San Servando, formerly occupied by the Knights Templar. When our taxi passed through the city gate, we understood why Toledo was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


Capital of Spain until 1563, Toledo was a city of the Visigoths, but also of the Arabs, the Jews, the Christians… And there are even Roman ruins still hidden in the historic city’s basements. If you’re into culture and architecture, then Toledo is your town!


The weather can be tricky in March – even in Spain. But during our three days in Toledo, the sun stood high and proud in a cerulean sky. We ventured into the Judería to get lost in its narrow streets. Then slipped into ancient synagogues, churches and mosques, recalling a time when Jews, Christians and Muslims co-inhabited peacefully in the city.


We went to the Monasterio San Juan de Los Reyes, the Alcázar and the house of the great mannerist painter El Greco, where we saw his astonishing El Entierro del conde de Orgaz in the Church of Santo Tomé. And moved forward to take in all the majestic Mudejar monuments built by the Emirate of Cordoba: La Puerta Vieja de Bisagra, Las Tornerías Mosque, the hammams in the Calle del Angel and Calle Pozo Amargo…


Without the crowds and with the start of the blooming Spring flowers, March was the perfect time to explore Toledo. May it be in three days, on a weekend getaway, or during a day trip from Madrid.

Find out more about the Toledo Train Station.


By Sandrina from The Wise Travellers



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Porto is a city to visit all year round. Elected in 2017 as the best European destination by the European Consumers Choice, Porto is a charming place. It’s an old city with a true genuine identity, capable to seduce every traveller. There are a lot of things you can do, for couples, solo travellers or even families. You can easily spend a weekend there and see many of the attractions.


In March, Porto has moderate temperatures. The days are getting longer and the city is not overruled by tourists. This season is a great time to visit Port wine caves and have a tasting tour. Another great thing to do with the warm weather of March is to take the 6 bridges cruises in the Douro River and admire the most iconic bridge of Porto, D. Luís bridge. At this time of the year, local people love to rent a bike and ride along the seaside or take a walk in the many gardens. The Porto City Park for example is a good place for a picnic. Visiting museums like Serralves or Soares dos Reis; going to the old churches like Porto Cathedral, Clérigos Church or St. Francis Church or simply watch a concert at Casa da Música, are excellent choices.


You absolutely must go to Livraria Lello & Irmão, the oldest bookstore in the world and Majestic Cafe, one of the most beautiful cafes you will ever see. Portugal is special for the blue tiles and you can find a good example at S. Bento Station and Carmo Church. As for the typical gastronomy, Porto is known for its dishes like francesinha, a must try sandwich, tripas à moda do Portoameijoas à bulhão pato and bacalhau à Gomes de Sá. So, make sure to visit Porto in March and enjoy the most of the city.

Along the Douro River is where our love story started… Read about it here!



By Sara from Our Kind of Crazy



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Saariselka, Finland should be on everyone’s bucket list. And March is the perfect time to go! It’s still a great time to catch the Northern Lights, and the daylight hours are increasing more and more everyday. So you get the best of both worlds…


We stayed at Northern Lights Village and truly had a bucket list trip. Our room was an igloo with huge glass windows on an entire side, which made it perfect to view the Northern Lights right from the comfort of our warm room. We had all food included, and they even have an ice bar made entirely of ice and snow.


Saariselka also has the best winter activities. We went on a husky safari and played with the dogs, fed reindeer, and went snowmobiling numerous times. We learned how to cross-country ski, took a hike on snowshoes, and went ice fishing. And the Northern Lights were better than anything I could’ve imagined. If you’re looking for a dreamy winter escape, Saariselka is the place for you!

Are you looking for another hotel in Saariselka? Click here to find the best deals.



By Julianna from The Discoveries Of



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March is the perfect time to visit Dubrovnik. The crowd that comes to the city during the summer hasn’t arrived, but the temperatures aren’t too cold (they generally hover around 12 degree Celsius). It’s possible to snap up some brilliant value deals on accommodation too.


So it’s not hard to see why Dubrovnik is one of my favourite cities in Croatia. This city is filled with beautiful architecture and historical sights – not to mention a natural setting that few others can parallel.


I’d suggest staying for three days. Hike up to Fort Lovrijenac for views of the city (the Fort, like much of the city, also doubles up as a Game of Thrones’ filming location). Walk the city walls at sunset, take the cable car to the top of Mount Srd and be sure to set aside a few hours to walk around the city’s maze of marble streets.


Insider tip: Dubrovnik can be quite crowded. It’s best to book your hotel in advance.




By Bistra and Nace from The Magic of Traveling



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The spring is trying to rise from the white blanket of European winter, so March is the best time to go on a wine tour in Macedonia. Last year, we decided to hit the road and headed for some promising wineries in the Tikveš region.


What a better way to enjoy the nature waking up after winter, to indulge with some amazing food and wines and to have a great weekend or a long weekend? We recommend visiting the classics like Tikves Winery, Queen Maria, Popova Kula, Stobi.


You can stay in the Popova Kula hotel and enjoy the setting and the vine fields in from of the mountains. Taxis in the area are inexpensive so your wine tasting would be unobstructed. It’s really hard to get in touch and reserve in advance with some wineries, so be prepared for some improvisations!


One thing is sure – Tikves region will make you fall in love with it and its delicious wines! If you visit in March, you’ll avoid the crowds and still be there to enjoy the beginning of the spring!



by Chris at Explore Now or Never



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Ronda in Andalusia, or southern Spain is glorious in March. The weather hasn’t turned sizzling hot yet and the crowds are still fewer. This stunning village is built right over a huge gorge with a waterfall at the bottom. When you approach by car, you won’t suspect the mammoth bridge or gorge. It’s only until you cross it and look back that you understand why Ronda is such a unique experience. It was an ingenious place for the Spaniards to build as it was nearly impossible for the Moors to conquer it. Ronda was a huge highlight for me during our 2 weeks in Spain.


Whatever you do, choose a hotel on the cliff overlooking the gorge to enjoy stunning sunset valley views. I’d recommend a minimum of at least three days based in Ronda. There’s beautiful hiking to be had here… and you won’t want to miss a tour of the bull ring as Spanish bullfighting was born in Ronda. We also enjoyed the tiny cliffside gardens of Casa del Rey Mooro. If you have a car, plan one or two day trips to see some of the beautiful “pueblo blancos” – or white hill towns within distance. It’s a gorgeous drive to Zahara, Grazelma, and Jerez.



 By Ellie & Ravi from Soul Travel Blog



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Amsterdam is no stranger to visitors. In fact for a relatively small city of 800,000 inhabitants, it sees well over 20x its population in visitors each year – which is one of the reasons we think March is one of the best times of the year to visit Amsterdam. Go there in March to avoid the Easter holiday mass, but also the worst of the winter wind and rain, and get some better value accommodation deals too.


Spring is a beautiful time to see crocuses and early spring flowers in the city’s parks, and some early tulips too. The tulip fields outside of Amsterdam start to come into bloom, although they don’t usually reach full colour until April. You can buy bulbs to take back home in the floating flower market which runs alongside the Singel canal in the city centre. We don’t recommend a visit to the Keukenhof to see tulips because of the crowd. But to see the tulip fields the best way is to hire a bike to cycle between Haarlem and Leiden on an easy, flat tulip field cycle route. You can rent your bike in Amsterdam and take the train to either Haarlem or Leiden (both cities are within 30 minutes from Amsterdam).


On sunny spring days, the Amsterdam canal-side cafe terraces come to life. Chairs are put outside, and Amsterdammers hurry to get a seat in the spring sunshine wherever they can. One of the best ways to soak up the Amsterdam culture is to join them!

When visiting Amsterdam, don’t forget to do some cheese tasting! Read about how Dutch cheese conquered my heart!



By Leyla from Women on the Road



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It should come as no surprise that much of the March activity around Chamonix in the French Alps revolves around snow. This is prime skiing time, especially if you are an advanced skier. Even if you’ve never put on a pair of downhill skis in your life, you’ll be able to enjoy the snow – you can practice your cross-country skiing, or have fun snowshoeing.


But what if the thought of scrunching through powder doesn’t appeal you at all? That’s the beauty of Chamonix: you don’t have to go into the snow to enjoy the snow. Take one of the chairlifts and enjoy the view from above. Or ride the Aiguille du Midi chairlift to the top and look over to Italy and Switzerland for a panorama that is as unique as it is breathtaking.


March is when the sun begins to hold steady. And there are even days when sitting outside sipping a cappuccino is feasible – even you if may have to be wrapped in a blanket. The center of Chamonix is small and easily walkable with pedestrian areas. Do some winter clothes shopping, or eat: its location in a major Alpine valley means you’ll find plenty of Alpine gastronomy, from cured meats to mountain cheeses. A cheese fondue in Chamonix almost tastes different – a little crisper, a little stronger, a bit more intense.

Not far away from Chamonix lies the city of Annecy. Read more about our last minute getaway in the Venice of the Alps!



By Ruben and Rachel from Gamin Traveler



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Our favorite destination in March in Europe would be Algarve. The main reason is that March isn’t a peak season yet, and we get to enjoy all of what Algarve can offer while we were there.


Located in the southern coast of Portugal, Algarve is well known for its pristine stretches of sand and beautiful waters. Besides from not having crowded tourists places and beaches, the prices are also relatively cheap in March, which means you can do more or save more while in Algarve.


The weather in March is also nice. The beauty of the region’s coastal spots is undeniable. There are many places to visit in Algarve beaches. Praia do Camilo, Praia de Benagil and Praia de Falesia are just three of the beaches in Algarve that you can explore. Algarve also has an old town with restaurants serving authentic Portuguese cuisine. While the new town has The Strip, a haven for clubs and bars that are perfect for a night of partying. With these, you’ll surely enjoy Algarve in March.

When in Portugal, make sure to taste some Traditional Portuguese Food!


By Inna from the Executive Thrillseeker



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Athens is a great destination all year round. However, in summer it’s too crowded and in winter it might be too cold. The best time to visit Athens would be in March because of…


Amount of tourists: March is an ideal time for excursions in this ancient city: the weather is already good, but there are practically no tourists. Most of the museums are empty, so you can completely merge into the local atmosphere without being bothered by the crowds.

Prices in Athens: Prices in March are low compared to the high season. Tours, hotels, spas – everything is perfectly affordable. Note: for shopping lovers, this is not the best period as all large-scale sales end in February, and clothing is noticeably more expensive in March.

Seasonal fruit: It’s no secret that in Athens fruit grow and ripen all year-round. In March, strawberries and cherries start to appear. They can be bought at any local market. I found seasonal fruit in March to be especially tasty.


Weather: Everything is green, tangerines and lemons grow on the trees along the streets and in the parks. Even near the Acropolis, there are vast fields of blooming flowers! The weather during this time of the year is comfortable and it is nice to sit on the open cafe terraces. We were especially impressed by the taverns in the National Park. It was like a real jungle in the heart of Athens.

Festivals: Greek Independence Day is celebrated on the 25th of March. And Athens hosts a huge Independence Day parade. Large-scale processions, historical exhibitions, thematic concerts, political and social actions – all this takes place in Athens on the 25th of March.

I recommend visiting Athens for at least 3 days to take in all the cultural experiences this city has to offer.




By Leona from Wandermust Family



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Last March we had the pleasure of visiting Iceland and in our opinion March is the perfect time to go drive the golden circle route.


March is a shoulder season in Iceland and therefore you have some of the best conditions to do a bit of everything that Iceland has to offer along the golden circle route. There are still some chances that you will see snow in Iceland at that time of the year, especially in the highlands. But at the same time, there won’t be too much snow, which is good for those who are nervous about driving in Iceland in the snow.


Days are also getting longer in March. This means that you will have more daylight hours to see the main sites and enjoy easier driving conditions. Places like kerid crater will still be iced-over, which offers stunning views. But the trails will be more accessible. On top of that you still have a chance to see the Northern Lights!



By Jyoti from Story at Every Corner



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Venice is one of my favorite cities. It was perfect spring-like weather in Venice when we visited in February-March. It was no longer cold as the Venetian winter winds were gone. So Venice was wonderfully dry without the rising water levels. And the crowds had not yet started coming to Venice at that time of the year. There were no cruise ships or swarms of tourists. But there were enough tourists so the restaurants, bakeries and scrumptious gelato bars were open.


We took a couple of free walking tours with a resident who was passionate about preserving Venice and shared all about Venice with us. Without the crowds, she was able to take us to everywhere including her favorite small eateries and gelato places.


Did you know that Venice is a man-made island ? Venice is a huge attraction for its beauty, monuments, gondolas, food, shopping and its quirkiness. But I was most fascinated to learn about the story of how it was built. We also visited the islands around Venice – Burano, Murano and Torcello. I would highly recommend to visit them on a day trip, with a water taxi or a private boat.


If you want to experience Venice in luxury, click here to read our story.



By Or from My Path In The World



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If you want to be wowed and feel like a kid in a candy store, you better head to Valencia on March 15th-19th. It is when the locals celebrate a festival called Las Fallas to welcome the spring and Saint Joseph’s day.


The history of the festival dates back to the Middle Ages. Artisans and carpenters would burn pieces of wood they had saved during the winter to get rid of them and to welcome the spring. As the tradition evolved, these pieces of wood were made to look more human, using different kinds of materials.


Nowadays, the tradition is even more evolved and organized. All the neighborhoods build big displays of paper-mache statuettes, which get burned at the last day of the festival. Apart from all the mesmerizing sculptures, you can enjoy parades, fireworks, food stalls, illuminated streets, and a lot more.


The city of Valencia really comes to life during the Las Fallas festival, so I recommend to attend all five days of it. If you have more time, add an extra day or two for day trips or a more relaxed exploration of this beautiful city.


Looking for a hotel in Valencia? Click here to find the best deals



By Amy from Whilst in Georgia



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Batumi is Georgia’s entertaining paradise on the Black Sea coast. Its towering skyscrapers and modern casinos contrast to the city’s backdrop of misty green Adjarian hills. Thousands of visitors flock to Batumi in summer to enjoy its long stretches of coastline and relaxing summer atmosphere. Nonetheless, Batumi offers entertainment and beauty all year round, especially in March.


Thanks to its sub-tropical climate, Batumi’s weather is relatively mild in March. Although still a bit nippy to go for a swim, you can explore the beautiful botanical gardens and wonder the city’s cobbled Ottoman streets. Despite the mild climate in Batumi, skiing is still possible in the surrounding hills of the Adjara region. Goderdzi ski resort is just a two-hour drive from the city. Pristine forested mountains are coated in thick white snow creating the perfect winter wonderland for adventurous travelers. The resort offers 8 kilometers of ski runs.


An absolute must in Batumi is eating all the food. Batumi is known for having some of the most delicious Georgian dishes and best restaurants in the whole of Georgia. In fact, the famous buttery Adjaruli Khachapuri, a boat-shaped bread dish with egg, butter, and cheese, comes from the region. With lower off-season prices and more space to enjoy attractions without throngs of sun-seeking tourists, Batumi makes for a wonderful long-weekend getaway in March.



Per Brogevik from Resrutt  – The Travel Blog



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Looking up Svalbard and Longyearbyen (the main “city”) on the map will surprise you how close this island is to the North Pole. Only some 1000 km away, the island is still accessible with its international airport. With the Gulf Stream passing by, the climate is really not that cold that you might imagine when you see its location on the map.


Visiting Longyearbyen in March is perfect. In this period, there’s still enough snow to go on snowmobiling adventures. On a snowmobile and with a guide, you can transport yourself way out on the glaciers. An unforgettable experience as long as you stay away from the polar bears. There are actually more polar boars here than people.


The polar night period ends in late February, which means that the sun is above the horizon for some hours a day. If you’re lucky, you can see the Northern Lights in nighttime as it’s still dark in the night in March.



By Ellis from Backpack Adventures



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With most places in Europe still being cold in March, Istanbul is already warming up. The beginning of spring is a great time to visit this city. Temperatures are not too cold and not too warm and the tourist season hasn’t started yet. This allows you to explore Istanbul’s beautiful sights in relative peace and quiet. As a bonus, prices are much lower in the off season making a trip to Istanbul much cheaper than in the middle of summer when it gets uncomfortably hot and crowded.


If you do happen to have a cold or rainy day in March, there is no problem. Istanbul also has plenty of things to do inside. What about warming up and de-stress at a Turkish Hammam or wander through the bazaar to taste Turkish delights? Museums abound in Istanbul, and time flies when you explore the top sights such as the beautiful Topkapi palace and the magnificent Hagia Sophia.


Istanbul never gets boring and is a dynamic city. Getting to know its people and its excellent cuisine is part of the experience. Turkish food is delicious and there are so many things to try. Street food is available at every corner and you never have to walk far to find something to eat. Istanbul can keep you busy for days. With less tourists in March, your city trip will be more authentic.



By Chris from More Life in Your Days



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Lanzarote has to be one of the best places in Europe to go to in March. Whilst the rest of the continent is suffering from the last chills of winter, Lanzarote basks in temperatures averaging 23 degrees Celsius.


Combine this with some truly beautiful beaches and you can relax on your towel enjoying that summer vibe before the clocks have changed. Along with plenty of beach time, be sure to rent a car and explore the rest of the island. You will find vineyards, quaint towns, architecture by Cesar Manrique and surreal landscapes all around. Strangest of all is the Timanfaya National Park, where the unique landscape of lava fields, craters and boulders gives the impression of being on the moon.


One of the best reasons to visit Lanzarote in March is to enjoy Carnival where you will see parades of floats, crazy costumes and live music. A week should be enough time to see most of the best bits of Lanzarote, but I doubt that you will feel like going home so soon.


Not far away from Lanzarote lies another Fuerteventura, the wind-swept Canary island you might want to visit too.



By Rahma from The Sane Adventurer



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Tbilisi the capital city of Georgia is a lesser-visited city. Not many people know that Tbilisi is a historically and culturally rich city with influence from the Ottomans, Russians, Turkish as well as Arabs. They all have passed through the city centuries back and left their significant mark, which is still very evident in the city.


From the cobbled lively streets of the Rustaveli Avenue to the centuries-old forts and churches, Tbilisi has everything to offer to the curious traveler. In order to grasp the vibe of Tbilisi, a five to seven days visit is recommended. The city is particularly famous for its Sulphur Baths, which existed in the city from the early 16th century. Taking a mineral-rich sulphur bath is one of the most recommended activities in Tbilisi.


The other must-do activity in Tbilisi include taking a funicular ride to the top of the Mt. Mtatsminda in order to get a panoramic view of the city from the top. The Mother of Georgia sculpture that stands tall near the Narikala Fort is another highlight of Tbilisi. It is a 20m tall aluminum statue of a lady holding a sword in one hand for the enemy and a glass of wine in the other hand to welcome the friend.


It is perfect to visit Tbilisi during March as the weather remains pleasant with plenty of sunlight in daytime. Also, in March it is not very cold to enjoy all the outdoor activities in Tbilisi.



By Maria & Rui from Two Find a Way



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Barcelona is one of Europe’s most visited cities, and for good reason. The city seems like an open-air museum filled with art, color, and life! Barcelona is full of people all-year-round, but March is a great time to visit because it’s still shoulder season, which means you won’t find the crowds typical of late Spring and Summer.


When we visited, we were surprised to find many attractions without lines and crowds. Though of course, you can’t ever escape them in the most famous attractions such as the Sagrada Familia and other Gaudi masterpieces.


Barcelona is a very walkable city, and in March we found the perfect weather to walk miles and miles without ever getting too cold or too hot. We stayed for four days and it was enough to explore the essential spots. But we wouldn’t mind spending more time in the city. There’s plenty to do around the center, and some amazing day trips to stunning destinations nearby.


In March there are also plenty of festivals and activities that will make you want to book your trip! The month starts with the Sant Medir Festival, the sweetest evening parade you may experience during your travels. Throughout the month, there’s also the Marathon that passes through some of the city’s most famous landmarks, and The Rally Barcelona-Stitges, a unique race of period cars and dressed up drivers.


We recently stayed in Hotel Catalonia Gran Via BCN and loved its location , clean rooms and delicious breakfast!



By Sophie from Solo Sophie



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Toulouse is a beautiful city in South West France. The capital of the Occitanie region of the country, the city is widely known as ‘La Ville Rose’ (the Pink City) thanks to its abundance of pretty brick architecture. Filled with traditional French architecture and many cobbled lanes, I’d recommend a long weekend visit in March to see as much of the city as possible!


Benefits of visiting in the Spring include being able to enjoy the pretty blossom as well as getting to see Toulouse without the crowds which inevitably comes in summertime. The weather is moderate in temperature, meaning that a light jacket is normally fine for exploring Toulouse.


Highlights of Toulouse include Le Capitole (free entrance, the town hall is filled with stunning frescoes) and the Basilique Saint-Sernin de Toulouse, which is now a UNESCO world heritage site. Other must-see attractions include exploring the many hidden gems of the city, going to coffee shops or searching for the city’s Roman roots.



By Justin and Tracy from A Couple for the Road



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Santorini is idyllic in March for many reasons. Not the least of them being the weather! The gorgeous Greek island, most often visited in the summer by hoards of tourists from around the world, also gets incredibly hot during the same time of year.


A late-winter trip to Santorini not only insulates you from such heat, but it actually has mild temperatures in the 50s and 60s Fahrenheit. Also because of the cool weather and lower season, prices drop on hotels, making it very easy to find a great place to stay in Santorini.


Additionally, Santorini is even more beautiful with less crowds at that time of the year. Although some occasional shops will be closed, there are still the main attractions to do, like ferrying to the center of the caldera, visiting Akrotiri and the stunning black sand beaches, as well as the vast and numerous wineries in Santorini. It’s a perfect place to visit in the winter, and in fact at any time of year!



By Oisin from Your Irish Adventure



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Connemara is a region far out on the west coast of Ireland. The name means ‘people of the sea’ and it is by far one of the most authentic and beautiful places in all of Ireland. It is also one of the only places in Ireland where you can still hear people speaking our national language of Irish. There are some gorgeous mountains to hike, islands to explore and fantastic pubs where you can experience true Irish hospitality.


The main town in the region is called Clifden and is a wonderfully colourful town with a rich and vivid history. There are loads of pubs in the town where you can see traditional Irish music and experience ‘sean nos’ dancing, which is a rare form of Irish dancing.


There are 12 mountains in Connemara called the Twelve Bens, which make for some absolutely beautiful hiking. And there is also the stunning Kylemore Abbey, which is one of the most photographed places in Ireland. My favourite thing to do in Connemara is to grab my dog and explore the small, winding roads before heading out on a hike across the rich Irish landscape. There really is nowhere else in the world I’d rather be!


I have spent years of my life travelling around this region and I find I am constantly surprised by what I still discover after so many years. We run a travel website called Your Irish Adventure, and have written extensively about travelling in Connemara.


If you visit Dublin after Connemara, here are 20 things you can do in Dublin other than drinking.



By Bradley from Dream Big, Travel Far



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If you’re planning on visiting Europe in March, then somewhere you cannot afford to miss is Vienna. I’m a massive fan of Vienna at all times of the year. It is one of Europe’s most culturally rich and vibrant cities, filled with museums and art galleries that can impress anyone. It’s also the city in which I first learnt to Waltz, so I hold a special fondness for it.


What I love most about Vienna in March is that it is nicely between seasons. If you visit much earlier, then it can be a little too cold and you’re always looking to hurry from spot to spot. In March, it’s not so cold but still cold enough that you can appreciate wrapping up warm in a quaint little cafe enjoying a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.


But with Spring underway, there’s a good chance you won’t need to wrap up at all. Which is perfect for taking long strolls around the parks and seeing the flowers coming to life. Most notably is the Schonbrunn Palace gardens. It’s also less touristy during this period, meanwhich means ing you have to queue less often and feel like you have Vienna all to yourself.


Perhaps one of my favourite things to do in Vienna is to visit Prater. This is an outdoor amusement park filled with rides and attractions that are open all year round. I would suggest spending at least 2 or 3 days in Vienna, making it the perfect spot for a weekend city break away from work in March.



By Nicki from Eat Live Travel Drink



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My favorite European destination in March is located in South Iceland: the Glacier Lagoon and Diamond Beach! Visiting the Glacier Lagoon and Diamond Beach in Iceland in March is the best time to go because of the lack of crowds. You essentially get the area pretty empty and can enjoy the beauty uninterrupted.


The Glacier Lagoon is directly across the street from Diamond Beach, making them both easy to access and see. If you are planning to visit, this is an easy day trip. You can visit both locations in as little or as much time as you want. Average time for visiting is about an hour. You stroll through both places and the attraction is the lagoon and beach itself.


You can marvel at the beautiful blue ice at the glacier and then walk across the street to the beach and see where parts of the glacier have broken off. And huge chunks of blue ice are now on the black sand beach.


So, where will you travel to in March ?
If you’re not inspired by these March destinations, why not check out our article about the Best European Destinations in February ?

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Travelers at heart, Mei and Kerstin have been roaming the world together since 2002. Expats for over a decade, they used to live in Bordeaux, Paris, Athens, and San Francisco. Now back in their country Luxembourg, they continue to travel whenever they can, despite their full-time job. Their travel stories are meant to make you leave your couch and explore the globe.

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  1. Kashmir Mart
    | Reply

    its really amazing post i am local tour guide and this is helpfull for me thanks for sharing this post

  2. Jyoti basu
    | Reply

    I have already visited some of these places, good to know there are much more. These are all so beautiful destinations! Would love to visit Istanbul.

  3. Superb Blog thanks For Sharing Such an Amazing Post

  4. christine z
    | Reply

    I loved going to Europe in the Spring! We spent our honeymoon in Italy 10 years ago and the weather was wonderful with very little crowds. Now that our daughter is in school, we don’t take her out that much during the school year (maybe 1 week only), but we are headed to Madrid the beginning of June and going to Toledo is on our list! Thanks for the suggestions. We are also going to Vienna on that trip – looking forward to it. I wish we could spend more time in Europe – so many beautiful places to see.

    • Mei and Kerstin
      | Reply

      Oh you’ll love Madrid and Toledo, Christine! We’ve just published another post about Spring in Europe… with the help of our fellow travel bloggers, we’ve put together 30 awesome destinations in Europe where you can escape the crowds in late Spring! Check it out, and maybe you can add one or two day trips during your stay in Europe in June:

  5. SherianneKay
    | Reply

    So many great places. Chamonix France looks like a beautiful winter destination. I’m not a big skier but would love to take the lift up for the view.

    • Mei and Kerstin
      | Reply

      We did that once: took the lift up just for the view and a cup of delicious onion soup! Then went back down for some hiking! Hehe..

  6. Kate
    | Reply

    I cannot believe there is a town above a gorge with a waterfall. That seems absolutely surreal! So I’m completely sold on Ronda. Plus the weather in March there looks like absolute perfection!

    • Mei and Kerstin
      | Reply

      Oh we are also so looking forward to exploring Ronda one day! We’ve been wanting to go there for years, and when we read this recommendation we moved it up on our loooong bucket list!

  7. Lisa
    | Reply

    Oh, I would love to visit Livraria Lello & Irmão. And so many other fantastic places to visit – Santorini & Barcelona would definitely be top of my list ✨ PS – I’m so glad that Norway made it onto this list, always my fave 😍

    • Mei and Kerstin
      | Reply

      Norway is so high on our bucket list! And you should definitely visit Santorini and Barcelona, they’re among our favorites in Europe! ❤️

  8. Claire
    | Reply

    Spring is my favourite time of year to travel in Europe, March is great for being quiet and sometimes you can get great weather – or sometimes snow! I adore Barcelona most times of year, but in March it really is the best!

  9. Hannah
    | Reply

    I love travelling in March – it’s my birthday month, so always a good excuse to travel! I am visiting Toulouse this year, so am looking forward to seeing the Basilique Saint-Sernin. I’d love to visit Istanbul in springtime too!

    • Mei and Kerstin
      | Reply

      Oh yes! It’s always good to travel during your birthday! We do that too, except that our birthdays are in July and August. 🙂 Hope you’ll enjoy Toulouse!

  10. Indrani
    | Reply

    Yes March is an ideal time for these place. I visited some in April and some in May. It did get a bit warmer by then, so March will ideally pleasant.

    • Mei and Kerstin
      | Reply

      Yes, April and May are also good months to travel around Europe, but it tends to get more crowded especially around Easter and the three public holidays in May.

  11. Wow, what a fantastic list of places to visit in Europe in March. It’s such a beautiful time of year! There are so many places your list that would be candidates for amazing photography.

    • Mei and Kerstin
      | Reply

      Yes for sure! Which of these destinations would you like to explore next?

  12. Fairuz
    | Reply

    A well-thought and comprehensive list. While some places I’ve been and recognised, some I’ve never heard of. For instance: Tikves, Macedonia. I’d love to experience the wine tour and see the mountainous landscape. I’m also intrigued with the Golden Circle Route in Iceland. My travel partner and I love a good road trip. Knowing that Iceland has unique landscape, it’s been on our radar. I’d love to see the stunning view at the kerid crater. March sounds like a great time to do the road trip, especially with a chance to see the Northern Light.

    • Mei and Kerstin
      | Reply

      Thanks Fairuz! Iceland certainly sounds pretty amazing! And Macedonia too: we almost decided to go there this summer, but we postponed it to 2020. Will let you know more about it!

  13. adonisabril
    | Reply

    Excellent recommendations here! I personally would prefer to be in the south like Sicily in March. However, you can’t really go anywhere wrong in any month or season in Europe. Just my opinion but I’m biased since I love Europe!

    • Mei and Kerstin
      | Reply

      Hehe.. yes, we also prefer traveling to the south where it’s warmer. But there are so many awesome places in northern Europe too!

  14. These are all so beautiful destinations! Would love to visit Istanbul. This march I’ll be visiting a lcoal destination here in the Philippines called Pangasinan 🙂

    • Mei and Kerstin
      | Reply

      Oh Philippines is on our bucket list! Hopefully we‘ll get to visit someday. But we can only travel far during summer, and unfortunately weatherwise it’s not the best time to go to SEAsia..

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