Best European Destinations in November – Part 3

Best European Destinations in November – Part 3

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November is one of our favourite moments to explore Europe.
Those who also live in – or have visited Europe during summer or winter holidays probably know how expensive and crowded European destinations can be.


November however is the cheapest time of the year to travel, and also the less-touristy month in Europe. Thus, travelling around Europe in November also means that you can be more spontaneous and won’t need to pre-book everything well in advance.


Here are 10 of the best European destinations in autumn according to our fellow travellers.
Or if you’re looking for more locations in Europe to explore in November,
check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this article.


By Emily from Wander-Lush 



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Andalusia – the region of Southern Spain that takes in Seville, Granada, Malaga and Cordoba – is by far my favourite part of the country. A big part of the reason I love it so much is the climate: warmer temperatures and low rainfall make Andalusia perfect for outdoor activities year-round. By November, temperatures in Andalusia have started to drop, but conditions are still ideal for visitors. This is exactly when I visited a few years back as part of a road trip across Spain.


Autumn is shoulder season, which means you can find some great deals on hotels and tours at this time of year. It also means shorter queues for the Alhambra and Cordoba Mesquita- two of Andalusia’s finest attractions. In Andalusia’s biggest city, Seville, it’s still warm enough to dine al fresco at the many outdoor cafes and restaurants. Foodies take note: November is the start of the mushroom season and mosto grape juice season in Andalusia, when the local wine starts flowing and chefs take advantage of all that awesome autumn produce.


Even on Andalusia’s Costa del Sol, temperatures are still warm enough to warrant an ocean swim or stroll along the beach. Up in the Las Alpujarra mountains, meanwhile, snowflakes start to dust the white villages. There are a number of great festivals to check out in November as well, including All Saints Day (Tosantos) on November 1st, and later in the month, Dia de Santa Catalina – an Andalusian festival that sees locals pack up for picnic lunches in the countryside.


By Sophie from The Wanderful Me



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Filled with vibrant autumn colors of oranges, reds, yellows, and greens, Wales is one of the best destinations to explore when the last months of the year roll around.


While the small, yet underrated country is a deep green throughout most of the year, the forests and rolling landscapes come to life in the Fall! As you stroll through the Welsh countryside, you’ll not only uncover the beautiful colors but picturesque mountains, thundering waterfalls, undiscovered castle ruins, and teeny tiny little Welsh villages, where a pub and a pint is calling your name.


But wait, it gets better! Wales is particularly great to wander about during this time because as a country with more sheep than people, you get to have the breathtaking autumn colors all to yourself. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? This is what makes it one of the best autumn destinations in Europe.


By Michelle from Greedy Gourmet

Best European Destinations in November: Parma, Italy. Photo by Greedy Gourmet
Parma, Italy. Photo by Greedy Gourmet


If you are looking for one of the best destinations in Europe during autumn, then Parma in Italy is the place to go! First of all, Italy in November is very tolerable. It’s not scorching hot and not too cold. Although, since Parma is located in the northern part of Italy, you might need to take a light jacket with you. Best of all, Parma is located between two other amazing Italian cities, Bologna and Verona, which are just a short drive away!


The main highlight of going to Italy in th autumn months is that the tourists are gone! Those of you who have visited Italy before during the high season know just how valuable it is not to have street flooded with tourists. Hence, Parma in autumn is the perfect European destination!


The city of Parma is a charming and historic that has stood since ancient antiquity. It is popular for its architecture, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, music and my favourite – prosciutto di Parma! Just imagine indulging on some of the world’s best produce. It’s probably the best place for foodies as well as culture lovers.


Hence, autumn is the perfect time to visit, not only for the weather but also because you have the Parma ham festival. Taking place for a few days in September, participants have the opportunity to taste different types of Parma ham. During this time, you also have access to some of the production site. In addition, you also have the Verdi festival, which is perfect for opera and music enthusiasts! The program runs throughout September to October and is filled with an amazing selection of concerts.


By Liza from Trips Get 



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One of the best autumn destinations in Europe is Tbilisi in Georgia. The weather in Tbilisi in October is amazing. In November it’s usually a bit colder, so you won’t be able to wander around in a T-shirt anymore, but the weather is still warm and pleasant, in case you want to escape Northern Europe, for example.


Georgia is also a foodie paradise. You might have never heard of Georgian cuisine, but it’s a must-try for all! It’s so tasty and unique. Best dishes to try in Tbilisi are Khachapuri, Khinkali, Phali and Kharcho soup. There is also quite a bit of sightseeing you can do in Tbilisi – I totally recommend taking a walking tour to learn more about the history of the city and take a ride in a funicular, so you can see the entire Tbilisi in front of you.


By James from Portugalist 



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Although most people visit the Algarve during summer, autumn is actually one of the best times to visit this part of Portugal. The Algarve’s southerly location means the weather is usually mild to warm. November temperatures are often still in the early twenties Celsius, which is much more tolerable than the high thirties that are common in the heart of the summer.


While you may not feel like jumping in the Atlantic Ocean, that doesn’t mean that you won’t want to visit the Algarve’s many spectacular beaches. It’s still warm enough to spend a couple of hours at the beach, or walking along one of the many coastal walking trails that can be found in the region.


November is definitely a quieter time on the Algarve, at least when compared to the summer, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing happening on the Algarve. Feira de São Martinho is a big event in the Portuguese calendar, and is marked by a fair, live music, roast chestnuts, and wine. This isn’t an event that most tourists know about, so it’s worth attending if you get the chance.


The Rota do Petisco, a tapas crawl around Portimão, usually takes place in November as well. This is one of the Algarve’s best gastronomic events, and a fantastic opportunity to sample all of the different types of petiscos found in Portugal.


By Elisa from World in Paris

November Best European Destinations - Champagne Region, France. Photo by Worldinparis
Champagne Region, France. Photo by Worldinparis


One of the best day trips from Paris is a road trip to Champagne. The French wine region of Champagne, France, is a great destination to visit all year but it is especially beautiful in October – November when the rolling hills are covered by reds, yellows, and browns.


As most of us know, Champagne is famous for champagne. Whilst many of us may call sparkling wine Champagne, the fact is sparkling wine from this region is the only sparkling wine that can be technically called Champagne. However, this wine region in France is also perfect for Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and lighter, less fruity whites.


There are many places to visit in Champagne, but if you are a champagne lover we recommend starting with Epernay, the cradle of Champagne. Epernay is crossed by Avenue de Champagne, also known as “the most expensive avenue in the world”. This is because this famous Avenue is lined with the headquarters of many legendary Champagne houses including Pol Roger, Mercier and Moët & Chandon which have millions and millions of bottles of champagne stored in the subsoil of this avenue. Don’t leave Epernay (or the Champagne region in general) without visiting one of these grand Champagne houses and the champagne tasting which comes with it!


By Kylie from Our Overseas Adventures



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Lapland in Finland is the perfect place to visit in November as it’s a great destination to get into some early Christmas spirit! The cute little town of Rovaniemi is known as the official home of Santa Claus and contains Santa Claus Village where you can post a letter from Santa’s Post Office, cross the Arctic Circle and get up close with reindeer and husky. Nearby is Santapark Arctic World – a Christmas theme park where you can meet the real Santa Claus, decorate cookies with Mrs Gingerbread and visit the Ice Princess in her -10 degrees Celsius cavern under the Arctic Circle.


If the outdoors is more your thing then there’s still some hours of daylight left in Lapland to take a visit to the stunning Pyhä-Luosto National Park to experience the absolute vastness and stunning nature of Lapland. Depending on the weather patterns you should be able to experience reasonable snow in the area. Once you’re done with the great outdoors, head inside to a cosy restaurant to experience some traditional Finnish Northern cuisine – hearty reindeer meatballs anyone?! Later on in the evening wrap up warm and head outside and look skywards, you may be lucky enough to see the Northern Lights as this is one of the best parts of the world to spot the stunning aurora borealis.


By Maria and Rui from Two Find A Way 



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Italy is one of Europe’s most visited countries, but most tourists stick to the best known cities and regions. Even though these areas are famous for a good reason, there is much more to see and explore in Italy – places where you can fully enjoy Italy’s history, stunning nature, and charm without the never ending lines and ridiculous prices.


Lombardia is mostly known for its capital, Milan, but there’s so much more to explore! In November you’ll get to explore the beautiful autumn foliage without crowds or confusions. Milan is a good base to explore the region, but if you’re looking for something more alternative, we absolutely recommend Bergamo. The city itself is full of history and delightful attractions, and it also serves as a great base to explore nearby areas, our favorite being the mountains and the Lake Como area.


In November the weather is still quite nice, and very appropriate to wander around the cities, and also do some hiking in the region! If the weather is ever a problem, Italy’s delicious cuisine will surely be there to warm you with amazing dishes. If you’re thinking of going, here are some things you must know before you visit Italy.


By Kayla from Nylon Pink



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Fall is arguably the most beautiful time to visit Croatia. This is because the colors of the world are painted in those lovely autumn hues we treasure: orange, red, gold and yellow. Plus, the local hotels are on their decline for the travel season, meaning you get a great rate on your stay.


You will have an easier time getting car and hotel arrangements as there are fewer people coming in. The daylight hours tend to get a little shorter around this period, so keep that in mind as you travel. Istria is blessed with lovely moderate temperatures, so you will have no trouble getting by with a light jacket as you go around.


Even if the weather does get a little bad, you can check out one of the great sights nearby. We liked Novigrad, specifically the good food and the beautiful St. Pelagio and St. Maxim’s Parish tower!


By Allison from Sofia Adventures



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Belgrade is a wonderful autumn destination, especially in the months of October and November. Belgrade’s weather is more temperate than cities in Eastern Europe farther up north, such as Prague or Krakow, where the fall can be quite chilly. In fact, autumn days in Belgrade are usually warm and sunny with the occasional cloudy day.


There are so many cool things to do in Belgrade: interesting street art, fantastic coffee shops, interesting museums, and tons of history. It’s also a great destination for architecture lovers as you will find a wide range of styles including Baroque, Art Nouveau, communist, and modernist all in one city. Don’t miss checking out the Kalemegdan Fortress, which overlooks the confluence of two major rivers: the Danube and the Sava. The Belgrade waterfront is open all year round with tons of delicious restaurants with beautiful views over the water. Cafés with outdoor seating are open well into the autumn, often providing blankets for your lap or heating lamps so you can stay cozy outdoors.


Belgrade has great nightlife with people partying into the early morning hours – even on cooler nights! In fact, you can party on a river boat (called a splav) even in November! Not far from Belgrade you can enjoy Fruska Gora National Park, which turns orange in autumn and has delicious wines you can try that were recently harvested earlier in the fall. Don’t miss bermet, a unique dessert wine strictly from this region!

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  1. Nic Hilditch-Short
    | Reply

    This is a great list, we love Wales and autumn is a perfect time to explore this beautiful country. It’s such a perfect time of year to travel too as the weather is usually the perfect temperature, especially in places like Portugal that can be way to hot and overcrowded!

    • Mei and Kerstin
      | Reply

      Yes autumn is definitely the best time to avoid the crowds and awful hot temperatures, especially in southern Europe!

  2. threekidsandacar
    | Reply

    We love traveling in shoulder season (with three kids it’s a huge money saver), so we find ourselves in a number of places in the fall and the spring. We’ll be heading to Andalusia in the Spring, so I’m hoping that all of your insights into the area for the autumn will apply to the spring too!

    • Mei and Kerstin
      | Reply

      We’ve visited Andalusia in Spring and yes it’s beautiful too! 😉

  3. Michael Hodgson
    | Reply

    Great post and I have bookmarked it for future reference. We travel a lot in Europe and totally agree that fall — as in late september into end of october is a fantastic time to experience so many countries in Europe. Crowds are thinning, colors are popping, temps are comfortable (albeit crisp). Had not thought to go to Lapland in the fall … it is on our list for winter and the northern lights. Might have to double down and go both seasons. 😉

    • Mei and Kerstin
      | Reply

      Or you can stay there from November to December and let us know what season is better to visit Lapland! 🙂

  4. Bernie Jackson
    | Reply

    Too. Many. Choices. Ok, I’m kidding, but how can I choose! I was happily getting excited at the thought of being able to swim in the sea in Andalusia in November, then I got sucked in to the beautiful architecture of Belgrade. I’ll definitely be in Wales in November (a quick cross-border trip when staying in Shropshire), but there are so many more places here I’d love to explore. Lapland, Georgia… I’m going to need a bigger bucket for that list.

    • Mei and Kerstin
      | Reply

      Haha. Yep! Better get a much bigger bucket list for all these beautiful destinations! 😉 Have fun in Wales!

  5. Dang Travelers
    | Reply

    My husband and I are leaf chasers (just spent 60 days in the northeast part of the U.S. searching for fall color) and love traveling in the shoulder season so when I see these types of posts my eyes widen a bit! Lapland looks and sounds amazing as with the other special places. Saving this one for our future travels, thanks!

    • Mei and Kerstin
      | Reply

      Oh we’d love to know more about autumn destinations in the US! 🙂 You should definitely come over to Europe during Fall next year!

  6. Culture Trekking
    | Reply

    I know everyone here is commenting about wanting to go to Lapland, but I really like that a unique place in croatia was mentioned. Istria looks like it is wistfully pleasant no matter what time of year it is. I really feel that Autumn truly is the best time of year to visit Europe.

    • Mei and Kerstin
      | Reply

      As Europeans, we definitely think that autumn is a better season to explore Europe than in summer or winter!

  7. Shivani
    | Reply

    November is generally a nice time to travel, I’d love to attend the Christmas theme park of Lapland in Finland. Croatia also seems promising at this time of the year!

    • Mei and Kerstin
      | Reply

      Croatia is very crowded in spring and summer even until September-October, so November is definitely the best time to go! 😉

  8. thewordhermit
    | Reply

    Yes to southern Spain! I am already to escape the cold here in New England and travel somewhere a bit warmer. I’d also love to check out Croatia, but perhaps not in November.

  9. We have seriously flirted with going to Lapland Finland. It’s one of those places that off the map but solidly in your imagination. I could actually picture Santa living there with all the reindeer. The color on the photo is just sublime.

    • Mei and Kerstin
      | Reply

      Oh we know what you mean! Lapland is a place we often dream of, but we’ve never seriously considered traveling there. This should change now! 🙂

  10. These are all great locations to travel around Europe in the fall. I haven’t been to Georgia as of yet, it’s on my bucket list.

    • Mei and Kerstin
      | Reply

      Let us know about your experience in Georgia when you’ve explored it! 🙂

  11. Inge
    | Reply

    Fall is indeed an amazing time to travel and see the colours of nature change! Georgia and Lapland are soo high on our list!
    I’m just wondering if I would prefer to visit Lapland later in winter as it would have more chances of having snow then?

    • Mei and Kerstin
      | Reply

      Lapland covered in snow must look absolutely gorgeous! But it will certainly be much colder and perhaps more expensive? The best would be to visit both in autumn and in winter to find out about it, right?! 🙂

      • Inge
        | Reply

        Great idea!! Wish we could do that!!

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