20 Best Places to Visit in Greece

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“It takes a lifetime for someone to discover Greece, but it only takes an instant to fall in love with her.”

– Henry Miller


We were sitting in a vegan restaurant in Cusco, chatting with a lovely Greek couple whom we met on Taquile island the previous week. So what is your favorite country? they asked. It took me less than a second to say: GREECE!


I fell in love with Greek history, mythology, philosophy, language and architecture long before I even considered studying Greek archaeology. And of course, my love for Greek culture grew stronger and stronger at university, and especially during my six months in Athens as an Erasmus student.


That was 10 years ago. But today my heart still beats for everything Greek.


And of course I’m not the only philhellene. Every year, thousands of tourists flock to Hellas, especially to Santorini, Mykonos or Rhodes. Despite the crowds, I still like these iconic Greek islands for their rich historical past. But there are many other Greek destinations (some hidden, some not) that are equally awe-inspiring, or perhaps even more than the touristy spots.


So, if you’re planning to visit Greece, check out these 20 destinations recommended by myself and our fellow travel bloggers as our favorite destinations in Greece.



By Mei from Travel with Mei and Kerstin



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Located only 27 km from Athens, Aegina is the perfect island for a day trip from the Greek capital. From Piraeus, the main port of Athens, a ferry will take you to Aegina within one hour. When I studied in Athens, this Saronic island was my favorite destination in Greece to escape the crowds, noise, smog, and dusty libraries of Athens.


Once docked in the small port of Aegina, make your way along cafés, restaurants and ouzeries, until you pass by a line of horse-drawn carriages waiting at the end of the street. There you can embark on a local bus that will take you to the northeast tip of the island.


Nestled at the top of the mountain, now stand the ruins of the Doric temple of Athena Aphaia, built in 480 BC. After visiting the archaeological site, make sure to sit down for a while, observe the shores from afar, and listen to the sound of Zephyr caressing olive trees and pistaccio branches.


A detour to the Southern edge of Aegina island will take you to the traditional fishing villages of Vrochia and Perdika, where you can savour gavros and grilled octopus in a traditional tavern, or just enjoy a Greek café frappé.


On top of its many hiking trails, Aegina has also got excellent beaches with crystal clear water that literally beg to be explored. What’s not to love about this Greek island?



By Katie-Beth from Her Life in Ruins



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Milos is a volcanic island in the Aegean Sea. The island is famously known for its Venus de Milo statue, which now sits in the Louvre museum in Paris. I visited nearly all of the islands in the Cycladic range, but Milos holds a very special place in my heart due to its rich cultural history, varied landscape, and kind residents.


The easiest way to get to Milos is via ferry. I recommend visiting in the late spring or summer, as it’s colder other times of year. While on the island, be sure to check out two of the major archaeology sites. The first is the theatre where Venus de Milo was discovered. While you won’t be able to see the actual statue, you will be able to see the theatre and absolutely breathtaking views from the top of the mountain. The other site is a large series of Christian catacombs. Unfortunately, they have been mostly looted, but the structure and artistry of the catacombs are well worth a visit – only 3€ to enter!


Complete your trip with a visit to one of the islands stunning beaches and with a meal at O Hamos Tavern, a farmhouse serving local dishes.




By Hayley from MS Blissness 



The perfect balance of stunning beaches, beautiful churches, low-key nightlife, and peace and tranquility, Sifnos is one of the lesser-known Cyclade islands. With many tourists unaware of its existence, you can enjoy the true beauty of Greece without all of the crowds that flock to the more popular islands, like Mykonos and Santorini.


I absolutely loved how peaceful Sifnos was in comparison to Santorini and Mykonos. We stayed at an apartment on the beach in Vathi Bay and the sunsets from here were magical. Since there is no airport on Sifnos island, the only way to get there is by ferry. From the port of Piraeus in Athens there are ferry connections to Sifnos almost daily. There are also quite a few ferry connections between Sifnos and other Cyclade islands.


As a beach lover, one of my favourite things to do in Sifnos is to spend time with my toes in the sand. The beach at Vathi Bay is beautiful and it’s so quiet. There are also some wonderful beach restaurants and bars along the water edge. If you’re ever in Sifnos, you should also wander around in Apollonia. This is the island capital and it features the cutest little traditional Cycladic houses. Sifnos is also great for hiking, and don’t forget to explore the many churches on the island.


The busiest month for tourism in Sifnos is June. However, we visited in June and it didn’t feel at all busy or crowded. May and July are also good months since it’s a little quieter and temperatures are still warm.



From Maureen from Life On the Mediterranean



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My favorite destination in Greece is Kalymnos Island. It’s part of the Dodecanese between Kos and Leros, and you’ve probably never heard of it.


You either fly from Athens or Rhodes, or take the Dodecanese ferry route. And while it might be more expensive to get there, Kalymnos is far cheaper in every other way. I stayed in Pothia village for 25€ a night. I had the whole village at my feet, with traditional bars and restaurants right downstairs. Even in summer, you can get a double room for 30€ a night for two. Where else can you stay on a Greek island with a sea view for 15€ a night?


I wanted a chilled-out location, and Kalymnos is a beautiful, quiet, off-the-beaten-path island, and perfect for solo travelers like I was. It’s a great place to chill. I just wanted to write on a Greek island and live like the locals without all the noise.


Kalymnos is perfect from mid-April where the temps are 75F/25C, through October. Even in high season, you will not have the crowds that many of the other islands do, because it’s just not on the radar.


Serious climbers come to Kalymnos because the rock faces are great for scaling, but that’s a small niche of people. Otherwise, it’s known for sponge fishing and the occasional couple who decided to disembark.


Book a stay near Masouri beach. This is where I watched the amazing sunsets go down each evening over the beautiful island of Telendos. I also took a local boat from Myrties to Telendos where there are no cars. I enjoyed a lovely lunch, strolled the shops, and then sailed back. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone about this island. It’s mine!



By Allison from Sofia Adventures



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My favorite destination in Greece is beautiful Rethymnon on the island of Crete. Halfway between Chania and Heraklion, Rethymnon is often overlooked by travelers which is perhaps why I like it so much: I often get overwhelmed in overly touristy places (meaning Santorini is a big no for me, at least at high season) but I find Rethymnon is that perfect blend of slightly offbeat yet still well-equipped for tourists. Perhaps visiting Crete in late April before even more of the tourists came helped, too!


The best way to get to Rethymnon is by plane to either Chania or Heraklion and then taking a bus to Rethymnon. This extra step may be what keeps Rethymnon feeling comparatively quiet compared to the bustle of Chania. The best things to do in Rethymnon are to explore the visual remnants of the island’s rich history: walking the Venetian Harbor and admiring the Egyptian Lighthouse. Seeing the beautiful ruins of the Venetian-era Rimondi Fountain, and checking out the Ottoman-era Neratze Mosque.


There are plenty of great boutique hotels to stay in Rethymnon as well, making it a charming place to spend a few nights while in Crete and worth way more than a day trip. The best time to go is really any time of year, but I’d favor spring or fall.



By Dave from Dave’s Travel Pages 



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Whilst most people associate Greece with great beaches and the fantastic ancient archaeological sites, castle hunters will be equally pleased by the outstanding fortresses, especially in the Peloponnese. Of all the castles there, Methoni is my favourite. And although I’ve visited it three times, I can’t wait to go back for a fourth!


Located on the south west coast peninsula of the Peloponnese region of Greece, it’s easily reached by road and definitely a place to include on a road trip. I’ve also cycled there when bike touring, leaving my bike tied up outside to wander around the walls and interior.


Methoni is a Venetian castle that can be visited at any time of year, although the summer gives you a clear blue sky as the perfect backdrop. It has several interesting sections to explore, including the Bourtzi which wouldn’t look out of place in the Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones!


If you’re touring the Peloponnese, especially on a road trip, I highly recommend visiting both Methoni castle and the nearby Koroni castle. Not only are they magnificent castles that deserve a higher profile, but they help to explain some of the complex history of this part of Greece.



By Chrysoula from Travel Passionate



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Corfu’s blend of beautiful beaches, quaint fishing villages, stunning Venetian architecture and incredible food make it one of my all-time favourite Greek islands. This gem in the Ionian Sea seamlessly combines traditional Greek culture with stylish, modern hospitality to give you the best of both worlds.


Visiting the impressive Achilleion Palace, the Byzantine castle – Angelokastro, Corfu’s Old and New Fortresses and the French-inspired Spianada Square are all absolute musts! Other essentials include exploring the spectacular Canal d’Amour Beach. But also trying local delicacies such as slow-cooked Pastitsada and Sofrito and fresh fish like scorpion fish and tope shark.


Corfu is easy to reach with an international airport and regular ferry services so you can arrive by car or on foot, ready to explore. Alternatively, Corfu is a dreamy place to discover from the comfort of your own boat, with secluded coves and pastel-painted villages just begging to be found.


While the island doesn’t have the best year-round weather (due to its northern location), it does make an excellent summer destination with June, July and September being the best months to explore. If you want an added slice of Greek culture then you might want to think about visiting during the Greek Easter celebrations. You’ll get tasty almond and honey cakes on Palm Sunday, thronging processions and mournful music on Good Friday. Then followed by joyful festivities on Easter Sunday with the smashing of pots and fireworks being just some of the traditional rituals.



By Kiara from Gallop Around The Globe



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One of my favourite destinations in Greece is the Ionian island of Paxos. It’s located just 11 kilometres off the southernmost tip of Corfu, and is accessible via catamaran from Corfu Town (there’s no airport on the island).


What I love most about Paxos is its natural, untouched beauty, and the fact that it still remains largely undiscovered by foreign tourists. Most are day-trippers and few make it further than Gaios – Paxos’ capital town. Paxos is only a small island, just eight kilometres long and three kilometres wide, so it’s a great destination if you love walking (although buses do serve the three major towns – Gaios, Lakka and Loggos).


A lot of the paths are unmarked, but if you have a keen sense of adventure you’ll find stunning viewpoints like Tripitos Arch and the Limestone Pavements. But also deserted villages, ancient churches, hidden beaches, a crumbling old venetian manor, an elusive windmill or two, and an endless number of olive groves, colourful flowers and the sweet aromas of oregano, mint and jasmine.


I’d say the best time of year to visit is May. You’ll be treated to sunny days for the most part (there’s always the risk of the odd storm or two at this time of year) and nice warm, manageable temperatures. Flowers are all starting to bloom at this time of year too, and everywhere is still green before the Summer drought arrives.



By Chris from Trip and Trail 



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I’ve always loved the Greek islands but dislike the crowds. Syros, even though it’s in the heart of Cyclades near the infamous Mykonos and the scenic Santorini, remains relative unknown to the masses. Less than four hours from Pireus – Athens’ ancient port, – Syros has everything you would expect from a Greek isle. Golden beaches, amazing food, pastel houses with colored shutters, dreamy alleys covered with bougainvilleas and a great nightlife with a plethora of bars and cafes around every corner of its beautiful capital Ermoupolis.


Syros has a strong local population, which means that the island is open all year long. The vast majority of the island’s visitors are Greek, which in turn means less tourist traps and higher standards. Forget about€7 coffees and €50 beach beds (Mykonos!!), you won’t find them here. Especially if you decide to visit in spring or autumn (my favorite season), you will be able to find some amazing bargains for accommodation and car rentals.


A number of small villages around the island are ideal retreats for relaxation and those who only need a bed, a beach and a tavern to taste the fabulous Greek cuisine. The strong Latin influence of Syros is of great interest and not found anywhere else in Greece.



By Diana from Food Travelist



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My favorite place in Greece is one that few people know about, even those in Greece. It’s a tiny village called Piana, with only 20 full-time residents. This beautiful historic town is a hidden gem of the Arcadia region in the Peloponnese. I love the unspoiled natural beauty that feels like a retreat, its location near important world heritage sites, the hospitality of the residents and, of course, the amazing local food.


You can get there by driving from other parts of Greece or flying into the Kalamata Airport, about 35 miles south. The gorgeous Hotel Papanikola provides comfortable accommodations, cooking lessons, wine tastings, and other activities. Abundant local walnuts are a special treat along with freshly baked bread, homemade jam, and other local items. You can hike around the Mainalos mountain range and visit secluded monasteries, a folklore museum, significant churches, and ancient ruins. If you’re a fan of mythology, you’ll love exploring the area where the mythical creature Pan was said to live. If you like to be hands-on, you can learn to prepare some of the local specialties and taste a unique distilled spirit, called Tsipouro.


History buffs will find the role Piana played in the 1821 Greek Revolution interesting. You are also quite close to important historic towns such as Tripoli. If you go in the fall, you will likely enjoy great weather and beautiful fall colors most don’t realize you can see in Greece. Discover enchanting Piana for yourself.



  By Kristin from Travel Past 50



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Karpathos Island, between Crete and Rhodes in the southeast corner of the Aegean Sea, is primed for discovery. While it doesn’t (yet, at least) cater to the big cruise ships, it’s easy to access from Athens by air or from neighboring islands by ferry.


The beauty of Karpathos can be found in its beaches, its protected nature reserves, and its historic villages which bulge in the summer with the return of locals who’ve settled elsewhere in the world, many in the U.S. Water lovers will enjoy windsurfing, snorkeling along shores and into caves, diving to sunken ships, and lounging on the protected leeward coves wrapped by tall cliffs and fragrant pines.


The northern part of the island, including little Saria Island, is home to a Natura 2000 reserve, protecting everything from botanicals to birds to the rare monk seal. Some 30 signed hiking trails crisscross Karpathos, ideal for birdwatching, scenic views, and a close examination of endemic plants or ancient city ruins. Eco tours combine theses hikes with culinary stops.


In the largest city, Pigadia, and in villages across the island, restaurants serve up great views, homemade breads and pastas, fresh salads, roasted peppers, and salty seafood. Don’t miss shopping in historic Olympos for artisan leathers, textiles, and the island’s famous honey.



By Mel from BRB Travel Blog



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Located in the west of the Cyclades, Serifos is only 3 hours away from Athens by speedboat. Forgotten by the mass tourist loop of Santorini, this hidden gem is full of white and blue houses, old windmills and churches with blue domes. The abandoned area around the mines provides surreal hikes with amazing viewpoints mixing nature, rusted mining bridges and rail cars.


Chora, the capital, is situated at the top of the hill and gives you breathtaking views of the island and the Aegean Sea. The mountains and their arid landscapes offer a perfect contrast with the blue water and the white architecture. Livadakia is the most vibrant beach situated on the south of the capital and has several amenities to enjoy a perfect lazy day with small restaurants serving local cuisine and bars.



By Liliane from My Toronto, My World



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Nafplio is a small town located on the coast about 2 hours from Athens. The best way to get there is just to rent a car and drive. The drive is super easy and there’s plenty of parking around the town.


While I loved our entire visit to Greece, Nafplio ended up being one of my favorite places in Greece just because of how different it was to everything else we had seen. Athens is quite hectic and in comparison, Nafplio is super charming with the most picturesque side streets and relaxed vibe. The first thing we saw when we arrived was the line of palm trees along the waterfront which was just stunning! We opted to visit the town without an itinerary and ended up getting lost in little side streets, relaxing on the beach and eating some absolutely fantastic food.


There’s plenty to see and do in Nafplio but the highlights are definitely its beaches and the fortresses of which there are 3! The town’s got a large number of restaurants for its size so make sure to allocate some time for grabbing an authentic Greek meal! While in my opinion there’s no bad time to go, it’s probably best to go in the summer so you can actually enjoy some of the absolutely stunning beaches that Nafplio has to offer.”



By Inna from the Executive Thrillseeker



For me, Meteora is truly one of the most extraordinary sights I have seen in Europe. The word Meteora brings to my mind the word “meteor” and Meteora Monasteriesseem to me like something from the outer space and unreal. The only question comes to my mind – how did they do it?


Well, at least I know for sure why – in the Middle Ages, monks fled to this area during the Turkish occupation. They built a shelter on the inaccessible rocks. Back at the beginning of the last century, it was possible to get there only if lifted in special baskets. Now, there is a path to each monastery.


If you come to Meteora with a tour or just by yourself, you will have enough time to squeeze in all the sights in one day, but I would recommend spending there two days. This way you can explore everything at a normal pace and actually enjoy. The two closest towns to Meteora are Kalambaka and Kastraki and that’s where people usually stay.


There are six Monasteries of Meteora and they are open on different days at different times, but on Saturday and Sundays, everything is available for visiting. Admission fee ranges from 3 to 6 euros. The best time to visit is between May and June when the weather is good but it’s not yet overcrowded.


Most people travel to Meteora from Athens or Thessaloniki and travel time takes 3-4 hours. You can get to the monasteries by transportation from the towns of Kalambaka or Kastraki. If you like hiking, I recommend you do that. Of course, you will enjoy the beauty of the scenery but you will also follow the steps of the monks who laid the first paths among the inaccessible rocks.



By Wendy from The Nomadic Vegan



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The Vikos Gorge is in the little-visited Zagorohoria region of northwestern Greece. Hiking through this gorge is one of the most memorable things that my husband and I have ever done during our travels in Greece. It was all the more special because we had the place virtually to ourselves.


Walking along the bottom of the gorge, we were surrounded by spellbinding scenery on all sides every time we looked up. Vikos is the deepest gorge in the world and even holds the Guinness World Record to prove it! It’s amazing that it hasn’t been discovered by tourists yet.


The hike begins in a village called Monodendri and ends in another, even more picturesque mountain village called Mikro Papingo. Since it’s not a circular hike, taking public transport is probably a better idea than driving there yourself.


Buses are not that frequent, though, so check the schedule carefully. We caught a bus from Ioannina, but there was quite a bit of confusion en route because the conductor who had ripped our ticket at the station had not told the driver where we wanted to get off. We made it to Monodendri in the end, but things would have been simpler if we had confirmed our destination with the driver from the beginning.


The autumn is a great time to visit Vikos, because the weather is not as hot as it is in summer. My husband and I were there in September, and it was perfect.



By Helena from Just for One Summer



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Mount Parnassos in Central Greece is a perfect destination for any nature and outdoors lover spending some time in Athens. Thanks to its close proximity to the Greek capital and an easy access, Parnassos can be visited as part of a day trip. However, the beauty of its landscape and villages can easily compete with the more remote mountain ranges further North.


The best way to visit Mount Parnassos is by car. The drive from Athens only takes about two and a half hours and having your own means of transport will give you the freedom to explore all the hidden corners of the mountain. That being said, some of Parnassos’s main settlements are connected with Athens by bus or train as well, and during winter there is a ski bus running between Athens and Parnassos Ski Center.


Parnassos is best known as a trendy ski destination and therefore comes to life mainly during the winter. The modern ski center consists of 17 lifts and over 35 kilometers of slopes while the surrounding peaks offer endless opportunities to climbers and mountaineers.


Early spring is another great season to visit Parnassos. Hiking through the alpine meadows filled with wildflowers and framed by snowy peaks is magical and a completely different way to experience Greece.



By Melissa from The Family Voyage



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The small island of Naxos in the iconic Cyclades captured my heart during our visit. It’s the perfect balance of everything a tourist could want in a visit to Greece!


Naxos provides the same feel as many nearby islands like Santorini and Mykonos, but scaled down and quieter. You’ll find white-washed buildings festooned with colorful flowers and charming narrow streets perfect for getting lost. The island also boasts some of the most beautiful, swimmable beaches in the whole country, including the famous Agios Prokopios. There are ruins dating back to the Ancient Greek period but also to the more recent time of Venetian rule.


The best way to get to Naxos is by ferry from Athens, which only takes a few hours. There is a small airport on the island but flights are expensive and sporadic. Many restaurants and hotels open for the season in late April and remain open through September. The best time to visit is in Spring or Fall, when the weather is pleasant and crowds are thinner.



By Alexander from Destinavo



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Skyros is one of the least touristy islands in Greece, yet it’s easily accessible from Athens with daily flights or by a 2 hour boat ride. I suggest going by flight since you otherwise need to travel to Kymi if you want to go by boat.


Once you’re in Skyros, make sure to go on a sailing trip. The deep blue waters of the Aegan sea is Amazing mixed with shallow bays with crystal clear turqoise water where you can snorkel and relax on hidden beaches. If you prefer to stay on land, I suggest renting a car to get around since the bus services are pretty non-existent for Tourist purposes. Renting a car or scooter is cheap though, and will enable you to visit all of the beaches.


The best time to visit Skyros is in May or June, or September. During July and August it can get quite crowded since many national Tourists come here from the mainland Greece when they have vacation. If you’re going in June, you will get the best of the best, because then all hotels will be ready to accept visitors, and the attractions will be open, and the weather will be sunny every day.


Don’t forget to eat some of the local food, the Greek food in Skyros is amazing, and thanks to the influx of national tourists that expects the best food quality, almost every restaurant has a high standard, all while the prices are still low. Last but least, check out the Skyrian horses which is a typical horse breed that is the smallest horse in the world without being a ponny.



By Monica from Ahlan Monica



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My favorite place that I’ve been to in Greece so far, has to be the island of Paros. Not only is it special for me because when we visited we felt like we had a truly local experience but it’s because it was one of the stops on our honeymoon in Greece. It’s one of the lesser known islands in the Cyclades neighboring the popular Naxos and close to Ios. We travelled to Paros by ferry from Athens and it’s a good spot to travel from to other islands as well.


Paros is a relatively flat island that is best explored by buggy, scooter or ATV, where you can both enjoy the scenery and not be fearful of getting stuck on a steep hill! Grab a map – or don’t – and go where the roads may leads you. You’ll stumble on small charming towns where you can see the local Greeks going about their days. It’s an island where you don’t feel like a tourist, you’ll feel as though you’re truly living among the locals. October was a wonderful time to visit, albeit September I think would have been better, beating the summer rush. Early fall is an ideal time to come because the weather is still pleasant and prices have dropped so you can eat all the gyros you want, guilt free!



By Megan Starr 



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Hydra is an island not too far from Athens, Greece and it is easy to reach as a day trip or an overnight destination. The island of Hydra has a fascinating history and played an extremely important part in the Greek War for Independence. I went to Hydra after Spetses and it quickly became my favorite of the Saronic Islands as there were many things to do in Hydra for all types of travelers- from delicious, traditional Greek food to a somewhat pumping nightlife.


The landscapes on Hydra are dramatic and tell their own story… so much that even the late Canadian musician Leonard Cohen chose to call Hydra home for some time as he felt inspired by its landscapes, people, and culture. Hydra’s historically been popular with many of the elites around the globe and a lot of politicians. Famous names like Jackie Kennedy, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones have all pulled their yachts up to Omilos restaurant and dined there on the island of Hydra.


The Saronic Island also doubles as a hiker’s paradise with hikes being well-marked all over the island and undoubtedly leading to amazing views over the towns and water. To get to Hydra from Athens, you simply catch an inexpensive ferry or you can join a day tour or cruise out there. The port is bustling during the afternoons and it is one of the best experiences you can have in Greece.


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    We are yet to find a place in Greece that we dont like although we will be going back to Paros for a 4th stay again in a few months!

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